Mini manicure

-  A simple mani when you're on the go! File and shape, buff and paint! 

Price: 20 minutes - £10


-  A full manicure is a treatment of the arms, hands and nails. Your nails will be filed and shaped, hands soaked, cuticles tidied, exfoliated, massaged, buffed and painted! Pure bliss!

Price: 45 minutes - £17

Deluxe manicure

-  Exactly the same as a normal manicure, only more luxury! A deluxe manicure includes a paraffin wax treatment on the hands. Paraffin wax is heat treatment which helps with arthritis and joint problems. It's also great for moisturising the hands - a good treatment for dry skin.

Price: 45 minutes - £25


Mini pedicure

-  A simple pedi when you need that quick pamper fix! File and shape, buff and paint!

Price: 20 minutes - £10



-  That needed foot treatment for dry heals, tired feet, or just for that pure needed pamper. In this full pedicure your feet will be filed and shaped, cuticles cut and trimmed, dead skin removed and scrubbed, exfoliated, massaged, buffed and painted.

Price: 45 minutes - £22


Deluxe pedicure

-  A more luxurious pedicure for that finishing touch. A pedicure with the addition of paraffin wax. Glam!

Price: 60 minutes - £30



-  Shellac is the ultimate nail treatment. Two weeks of high gloss colour, no smudges no dry time. THE ONLY GEL POLISH THAT DOES NOT DAMAGE IF REMOVED PROFESSIONALLY.

Treatment: Hands (File, Cuticles and paint)

Price: (45 minutes) - £22

Treatment: Feet (File, Cuticles and paint)

Price: 45 minutes - £22

Removal (Free if shellac is being reapplied and original application was done by Aphrodite Beauty)

Price: Time varies depending on type of existing gels- £7

Shellac hands with full manicure (File, hands soaked, cuticles cut, exfoliation, massage, buff nails and paint)

Price: 1 hour & 15 minutes- £30

Shellac pedicure  (File, feet soaked, cuticles cut, dead skin removal, exfoliation, massage, buff nails and paint) 

Price: 1 hour & 15 minutes - £35